Thalassotherapy (Phytomer's Boushohan pack) that you want to experience once Sea with direct heat on the spine and soles……



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Sachiko Suzuki's treatment

Operation by Sachiko himself

Aesthetic industry history I am committed to the treatment by the principal over 20 years.
Please feel the limits to the operation of machines that were mainstream at major salons and experience the "ultimate hand treatment" that has reached the end of many years of research.

Use original oil

Use original oil

It is the base oil of Ayurveda. SACHIKO JAPON develops its own oil for treatment. Because it contains plenty of marine collagen, you can feel the effect that can not be obtained with commercially available oil.

Certain effect

Certain effect

"Indian esthetics" has a high effect of discharging waste products to the outside of the body, regardless of constitution and age, slimming, not only of slimming but also effective for skin beautification and constitution improvement. "There was a slimming effect of minus 15 centimeters in one operation" "Various voices such as atopy that skin disorder which did not get cured by doctor have been resolved" has been received.

Ayurveda trial course

≪First time only≫Special trial course

● Ayurveda trial course first time only (90 minutes) ¥ 9,000
Recommended for those who want to try out Ayurvedic treatments.
Course flow → Apply oil with a medical far-infrared heat mat and warm for about XNUMX minutes. → After that, start the treatment from the leg.
* Please note that you can do your whole body, but your face will not enter.
* This course does not apply to the WEB-limited [First Bonus].