What is Ayurveda?

Indian beauty treatment

Ayurvedic treatment oil,
It is a treatment oil made by improving so that more people can accept it.

The oil of Ayurveda in the home contains a lot of sesame oil and the like, and when it is applied to the body with a strong aroma such as medicinal herbs, the fragrance which Japanese can not accept so much, and because it smells for a while for the body Even though I could take a shower, it was hard to get it, but for a while my body started to develop from oil, because it is a fragrance of oil, it is a beauty oil that can be accepted even for beauty treatments and relaxation.

The oil that I am using now is a face that can be used for the whole body and it is a treatment oil that can be used safely also on the baby 's skin, and it can be used for everyone without choosing the skin.
A completely new Ayurveda is a prototype beauty method that mixes various essences of pure vegetable essence, penetrates it from the skin, activates the tissues of the body, promotes function recovery and metabolism.
If you carefully treat your treatment along the lymph, anyone. The waist and thighs etc. will be down a few centimeters at one time.

Besides, I can make a beautiful body line tightened.
This beauty method was developed by Japan in Japan 25 years ago and it was named indo este.
It is a beauty law that not only reduces the size, but also activates the body itself, putting out toxins and rejuvenating and creating a healthy and attractive body line in the short term.


Ayurveda "Indian Esthe"

Whole body hand care slimming method using original vegetable oil.
It can be expected to benefit from a single operation, characterized by a high slimming effect. Waist part 3 centimeters ~ 15 centimeters down size is also possible.
It is also the ultimate body treatment with effects such as relaxation effect, constitutional improvement and aging prevention. (We are servicing Quick Face Slim Course)

Duration:90 minutes to 120 minutes
Price:¥ 21,000
Ayurveda Coupon Item
3 times (120 minutes)¥ 57,830
※ Expiration date XNUM X months
5 times (120 minutes)¥ 90,000
※ Expiration date XNUM X months
10 times (120 minutes)¥ 158,760
※ Expiration date 1 year
Set menu
+ Collagen Facial
(120 minutes + 90 minutes)
¥ 30,000
+ THALGO Super Lift
(120 minutes + 60 minutes)
¥ 30,000
+ Spine thalassotherapy
(120 minutes + 30 minutes)
¥ 27,000
+ Sole thalassotherapy
(120 minutes + 30 minutes)
¥ 27,000

The facial price is for a set of tickets30% offCan be treated with

(With coupon set special discount)
・ Collagen Facial (90 minutes) ¥ 16,000 →¥ 11,200
・ Photofacial (20 minutes) ¥ 10,000 →¥ 7,000
・ THALGO Super Lift (60 minutes) ¥ 15,000 →¥ 10,500

Thalassotherapy treatment (marine mud pack)

Combined with Ayurveda, the deadox effect further increases.
There is immediate effect, it is recommended for recovery from fatigue.

Phu Sho Han Pack
Duration:30 points
Price:¥ 4,000

Costomer's voice

Mr. KY 30 / housewife

It is always polite and talking fun from entering the store to seeing off, I have spent time of healing. The technical temple that absolutely trusts is surely giving results without waste.

Mr. LY 30 / office worker

I'm in 10 year after going out, but I really like Tachi-14cm, lower abdomen-8cm, calf-5cm and my current style thanks to Sachiko! !