Ayurveda slimming effect

This customer is your sister who is passing by. We reduced the size of XNUM X cm by one treatment. My sister told me that I had a Gothand, but I was busy with my work and I couldn't come in, but I finally came to the store because I had enough time. I was tired, and I intended to maintain my health and detox, but I was downsized so much that the body was completely depressed the next day. I was pleased that she was very light. I said I wanted to go on a regular basis and I made a reservation. I am glad to be glad. I want you to stay for health maintenance from now on. So, "What kind of person is easy to reduce the size?" It is still easy to touch the skeleton, and it is a person who knows where to go back. It is because I do not know that it is overweight. Cells are memory. By returning to the original position, it's naturally here to go back. The body is like clay to me. It is important to massage and make it easy to move back.