It is spring. Would you like to bake sweets?

I baked homemade pound cake. Preparation from the morning for customers who have been discharged. This time, I finished the dried fruits with orange marmalade and Quantlow. To make it moist, immediately after baking, make a syrup with Quantlow and apply. If you add plenty of syrup, the finish will be moist. It can be really delicious. You should not buy cakes anymore. I understand the ingredients well, and no strange things are included. Safe. safety. It is delicious but basic to food education. Let's bake the cake at home. We also hold cooking classes. Come on, authentic cakes can be baked at home for those who have never done it before. How about learning for friends and acquaintances for your family? I will take care until I can do it alone. In spring, the flowers in the garden are in full bloom. Because it is wonderful, there are many people who stop.