Food Education

Food education advice + cooking instruction

Food education advice to reduce additives

What kind of meal should I have for a mother who often has children's eccentric eating habits and concerns about growth? In addition, baby food for infants is not what I bought, I want to hand-made myself, but I do not know what to eat. We will accept such consultation. There are many additives in the marketed products, and if you want to reduce the additives as much as possible, and you do not want to eat the food containing the additives, how to make the baby food easily handmade or according to your growth I will teach you advice on dishes to use.

In addition, baby food made only with bonito and kelp, soup from Shiitake using diet of child with allergy, Japanese broth culture. We also have cooking classes for people who like to make bread, such as bread using rice flour.

Food according to the growth stage means early infancy (0-4 months), mid-infant (5-8 months) late-infant (9-11 months) early-infant (1-3 years) late-infant (3-5 years) So the meal is different. It is important to know how to eat food from time to time.
In addition, I have heard that I do not understand well, there is a nutrition that is essential to the function of the body such as vitamins and minerals, but I will teach the eating habits to acquire the correct knowledge and utilize it in my life.

Let's start by knowing the proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that are the energy of the three major nutrients.

To those who have such trouble
  1. I am not good at cooking
  2. I have no time but want to eat something
  3. I do not know nutrition at all
  4. I'm worried about my child's growth
  5. I want to ask people but I do not know who to talk to
  6. I want to know the developmental period of the child and the mechanism of the body
  7. I'm worried about additives but I do not know well
  8. I'm worried about my first childcare
  9. I want to study variously during maternity leave

If such a thing applies, please come for counseling alone.

Course fee

Food education advice (60 minutes) \ 6,000 + cooking instruction (60 minutes) \ 6,000

Non-illness diet and diet advice during and after illness (90 minutes) ¥ 6,000
+ Cooking instruction ¥ XNUM ~

All prices are exclusive of tax.

What are people made of? It is food.
What you eat is nourished and it becomes blood, meat and bones.
So, eating can help prevent illness. What you ate appears as it is.
We will teach you how to make a vegetable soup which will make a healthy diet, a recipe for making healthy rice, a recipe for making brown rice soup that will not be a burden on the body, and blood that will clean if you eat. In addition, we give advice such as how to eat according to symptom.

※ From the experience of having ulcerative colitis at the age of 28 and not being able to eat anything, I thought about how to live in the future.
You will die if you don't eat. And I hope that I will be able to help you by making use of the experience that I did not go to the hospital and was completely cured by the diet alone, and also the knowledge I learned by myself about how important the child's growing meal is in child rearing You