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Ayurvedic treatments

At first,Ayurvedic treatmentsIt is Ayurveda Treatment Oil made by improving so that more people can accept it.

The oil of Ayurveda in the home contains a lot of sesame oil and the like, and when it is applied to the body with a strong aroma such as medicinal herbs, the fragrance which Japanese can not accept so much, and because it smells for a while for the body Even though I took a shower, I could not easily take it for a while but my body was scented with oil,Beauty oil that can be accepted for beauty treatment and relaxation, oilI began to develop from.

The oil I currently use,Treatment oil which can be used for the whole body and can be used safely also on the skin of the babyIt can be used for everyone without choosing the skin.

A completely new Ayurveda is a prototype beauty method that mixes various essences of pure vegetable essence, penetrates it from the skin, activates the tissues of the body, promotes function recovery and metabolism.

If you carefully treat your treatment along the lymph, anyone. The waist and thighs etc. will be down a few centimeters at one time. Moreover,Beautiful tight body lineYou can make.

This cosmetic method was developed in Japan in 25 years ago and was named Indian esthetics. Simply, not only to downsize, but to activate the body itself, give out toxinsBeauty method to make a healthy and attractive body line short-term while rejuvenating.

There are two types for overweightthere is.
It is fat weight coming from fat fat and water weight. Fatigue is consuming too much calorie, that is, eating too much. There are many fat batters in Europeans and Americans, and their fatness is not half-ended, and there are many ways of thickening like beer barrels.

In the case of such a fat way, if you drink a large amount of calories, you need to eat less. There is no hindrance because it takes too much calorie unnecessarily.

However, the way we are overweight is different from Westerners, unlike many Westerners, it is more dietary of nutrition than low-calorie intake, low protein, watery meal, too much fat because it takes too much salt. Water weighting is the same as holding excess water and waste in the body, that is, holding a tank of water.

Hold the tank of water and go to bed, the body will get cold, as the body cools, you will catch a cold, diarrhea and body joints will hurt.

As the body cools, blood circulation and internal organs work poorly, and metabolism is hindered. WeIn order to be healthy, perfect harmony of circulation and lymph glands and nerves is requiredis. If you are trying to make an attractive body line, it is necessary to remove extra moisture and waste materials that have been stored in the body, and to normalize lazy internal body functions that cause accumulation.

My treatment is to treat Ayurveda's treatment by removing stiffness and rigidity around the body and supplying nutrition and oxygen to internal body functions so that normal functioning can be achieved.

When I receive a treatment for the first time, I feel a painful part of my body hurting, but it will hurt when I get flowing. It is because it is painful because the blocked or flowing parts are pressed and touch the nerve.

Although it becomes hard to feel the pain much after the second time, some people feel comfortable from the beginning without any pain at all. Although treatment effect at one time comes out, because it is a treatment that is thinly healthy by continuing if it is original, as an ideal way of going, the beginning of the first pass is about 2 to 4 times a month Continue to 1 to 2 times per month is ideal.


Treatment time is
90 minutes to 120 minutes

  1. Measuring
  2. Oil application
  3. Warm with a wet far infrared mat (15 ~ 30)
  4. Treatment of the back from the foot
  5. Warm up front side with far infrared mat
  6. Facial Lymph Treatment
  7. Foot or treatment on the front side
  8. Wiping - measurement
  9. Shower

Original cosmetics


Shampoo ¥ 8,000

A shampoo for the skin and hair developed by Suzuki Sachiko who knew about the skin.
It is a non-silicon amino acid system, so you do not need to use treatments.
Recommended for those who are concerned about hair loss due to collapse of postpartum and hormonal balance with prescription suitable for hair growth care.

Beauty Soap ¥ 3,500

"Pueraria Mirifica" which is said to lead the beautiful skin environment by preparing female hormones.
It does not color anything, it is the soap which live ingredients of the plant originally.
Even though it can wash all the time, it gently moisturizes after washing.

Massage oil ¥ 4,000

Oil that blends vegetable oil based on Ayurveda and can be used throughout the body.
Based on olive oil, lavender oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, etc. It is the finest oil containing plenty of water soluble marine collagen.

All prices are exclusive of tax.

Collagen cosmetics


Suzuki Sachiko himself used, carefully selected only what I thought was nice and selling it.
Including plenty of water soluble marine collagen, you can feel that the skin is beautiful enough to keep using, and it will be strongly reborn. It is a long seller who has been chosen for those who tried various skin care products but can not be satisfied.

  • Massage & Cleansing cold (for wiping) ¥ 4,800
  • Skin Care Lotion O (Normal to sensitive skin) ¥ 4,800
  • Skin Care Lotion D (Normal to Dry Skin) ¥ 4.800
  • Skin conditioner (milky lotion) ¥ 4.800
  • Passool cream SPF25 (sunscreen base) \ 3,500
  • Emollient cream (skin regeneration cream) ¥ 30,000
  • Clearance essence liquid (collagen 50% formulation) ¥ 25,000
  • Actybait serum (collagen 70% formulated) ¥ 35,000
  • Facial pack (for flushing) ¥ 4,800
  • Essential oil D ¥ 4,400
  • Skin Care Mist ¥ 4,000
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