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Sachiko Suzuki

"What is necessary and something useless to be really beautiful?"
This is the theme that I continue to pursue even now as an aesthetician. With some doubts and ideals, I explored "What is true inner beauty" and I found Ayurveda, a traditional medicine in India, that I developed independently for "Indian esthetics".
Thinking that there is a "esthet" in the true meaning among the things that can be communicated by hand treatments using "hands", we face our customers everyday.


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Grazia (Grazia)
2005 year 1 month number

Body PLUS + (Body Plus +)
2008 year 8 month number


1990 / 3
Joined a major esthetic salon "TBC". I receive 4 times recognition as the best staff.
1991 / 9
Aiming at total aesthetic coordinator aiming at Tokyo. Worked on "Salon de Sivie".
1993 / 3
We propose "PBS Beauty Method (proportion · beauty · SACHIKO)" for the first time in Japan.
The PBS Beauty Law then penetrates widely into the esthetic industry as "Indian esthetics".
1993 / 5
Inaugural director "Salon de Sivie".
1995 / 7
Ended educational guidance of "Salon Do Sivie" staff, and became independent for further technical improvement.
1995 / 12
Acquired Japan Deep Beauty Technology Certification. Esthetic salon "Mo'este Sachiko" opened.
1997 / 1
In order to improve "Indian esthetics" as original treatment which further enhanced it, it is a lod Buddha.
Learned French-own esthetic technology such as "thalassotherapy" and returned home.
2004 Year 5 Monday ~
Private salon, limited company "SACHIKO JAPON" established. Representing India as an esthette with original technology added as a beauty salon, followed by repeaters as "salon that Asteta chooses last". Currently it is also very popular with the training of estheticians seeking to acquire skills of "Sachiko style" and "maternity care" based on their own pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing experiences.


The pursuit of human's own "beauty" is not limited to "body"
Offering the highest grade satisfaction and happiness to "core body"To do
It is a company that provides maximum support and responds to customers' expectations.