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Kuniaki Fukuda

He is good at photographing magazine photographing, taking catalogs and commercials, capturing the natural appearance of people, facial expressions.
Funny voice of children, happy smile, I shoot "one now" that can only be taken at that time in one picture with affection. I would like to keep an important family member's "now" with you and leave pictures that will remain in my heart forever.
I will take photos of children and children who are growing energetically and photos of adorable pets that are members of their family at home. For details, please contact the following e-mail address.

<Shoot magazines>
ar (housewife and life sake company)
Bea'sUP (Addways books)
Aesthetic (Shogakkan)
Buddhist encyclopedia (Kadokawa Haruki Publishing)
VoCE (Kodansha)
MAQUIA, PINKY (Shueisha)
Mart (Kobunsha)
CREA (literary spring and autumn)
Adult's beloved hair catalog (cat publishing)
Saita (Seven and Aye Publishing) etc.
<Ad shooting>
Miki House, Panasonic, Trump, ANA, San Love, Toray, Fancell Cosmetics, Renown, Patek, etc.
Graduated from Tokyo Photography College
In the same year Entered Ebisu Studio
After leaving the studio, studying under Mr. Katsuo Hanzawa
As independent photographer independent
Group exhibition "Tokyo" held at Studio Ebisu Photo Gallery
Photo magazine "SINC" taken up as an up-and-coming photographer special feature


■ Superior 84,000 yen → 63,000 yen(incl. VAT)
(Contents: Photo CD 1 sheets, Photo Album 3 volumes, A4 print 2 sheets, 2L print 3 sheets)

■ Premier 105,000 yen → 78,750 yen(incl. VAT)
(Contents: Photo CD 1 sheets, Photo Album 5 volume, A4 print 5 sheets, 2L print 5 sheets, picture stand 1 units)

Photo school

Schooling from 1 hour, such as "how to handle the camera", "how to shoot" and "how to shoot well".
The price is an order price depending on the contents. Please feel free to contact us.

※ Photo CD contains about jpeg images about 150 images.
※ Photo Album is A5 size, 36 page.
※ The photo stand is with preserved flower.

Private Album 1 Volume 3,800 / A4 Print 1 Sheet 1,800 / 2L Print 1 Sheet 600
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